01 October 2013|

Can you even believe that I have said YES again?!
I can’t either…

But if you had Amber as your inspiration, I promise you would be saying YES too! Read how she said YES to fishing here.

This month, I have said YES to this…
I have entered myself and a few friends into the Turbovite Jump City obstacle race.
On the 30 November, we will take to the streets of our city from 6pm – 9pm and have fun on 10 different obstacles and run a total of 8km between obstacles… FOR FUN!!

I cannot wait!
Read more informaton here
Did you say YES this week?
Have we inspired you to say YES again?
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  1. oooh that looks like a fab one – tough but fun! I am doing something similar called survival of the fittest with one of my trainers and a few girls next year they've just done it last weekend and loved it.

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