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01 October 2013|

I was so excited signing up for the Snail Mail Collective last month, and even more excited when I was paired up with the lovely Justine from Sleepy Single Girl (who is no longer single!)

Justine and I had a quick catch up over email – she had been away and I was away too so we didn’t get to know too much about each other. But after a quick stop at her blog and I was able to purchase her “Under the Sea” gift and send it off. The downside of sending gifts overseas is the unreliable postal service and the time delay in receiving the parcel.

Justine received hers just in the nick of time and wrote this sweet post sharing her experience and showing off her little package.

And now a peek at mine…
(apologies for the delay but our SA postal service isn’t that reliable!)

August theme: Under the Sea

Hot pink packaging!!

Under the Sea items

Justine warned me up front that it was difficult for her to find the “Under the Sea” items as she lives in the middle of the desert (i.e: the postcard is a true indication of her back yard!). But she did so well sending the following:
A fish soap dish
Swedish Fish candy
Scorpion in a lollipop (don’t know if I’m brave enough for this!)
Nail polish in beautiful sea colors

Thank you so much Justine, I absolutely love all my goodies, your sweet note and your new blogging friendship!
I’m so glad the package finally arrived!

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