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28 August 2013|

More birthday celebrations and memories today with…
When is your birthday?
10 February
Your favourite birthday celebration
If I think way back, my very favorite birthday celebration would have to have been my 16th birthday.  My parents surprised me by driving my best friend and I down to San Diego, where we were able to participate in SeaWorld’s Trainer for a Day programme.  This included swimming with dolphins, walking the otters, feeding the seals and having lunch with Shamu!  As a 16 year-old, I was absolutely in awe of the entire day, I couldn’t even believe it was actually happening.  
More recently though, for my 25th birthday Jurgen surprised me by booking us a night at Monte Casino and getting tickets for Phantom of the Opera at the casino’s theatre.  I really had no idea he had planned anything, and the hotel went all out by leaving champagne and birthday cake in the room.  It was something different from the usual and one of the few times that Jurgen has been successful in keeping something a surprise 😉
Your favourite birthday gift
This is a tricky one! I’m not a huge gift person, so I usually appreciate experiences the most.  A dinner with friends, a weekend away, tickets to a show, you get the idea…  Because of this my favourite birthday gifts are probably the same as my favourite birthday celebrations – a day spent as a trainer at SeaWorld or the surprise evening at Monte Casino planned by Jurgen.  Boring I know!  In high school, my best friend also gave me a bunny {who I named Wilbur} for one of my birthdays and that was pretty memorable too.
Thanks Jen, those are some pretty incredible birthday experiences.
Lucky girl!


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