Birthday – Afternoon

28 August 2013|

My birthday afternoon was spent with a group of my new friends. My mommy friends. These ladies are so special to me and obviously we all agree that getting out, without the babas, is a great way to catch up. 
After a few playdates, we realised that 3 of the ladies share a birthday month, on 3 consecutive days… This year, we celebrated all 3 brithdays with a high tea at our local 

And so the tradition has started… A high tea for every mama’s birthday. And this week was my turn. The high tea table leaves your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling and the champagne and sparkling cupcakes don’t hurt either.

High Tea – savory

High Tea – sweet


Tasty treats

Birthday girl me

Pretty mama’s

Special friends made during pregnancy

An afternoon of laughs, special moms, tasty treats and unforgettable memories.

Thank you girls for a lovely afternoon, for spoiling me rotten and your unfailing friendships and mommy advice.


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