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27 August 2013|

After featuring so many gorgeous bloggers and their favourite birthday memories, I was going to put a post together of my own favourite birthday memories… But then this birthday came round and topped all the others!! I honestly didn’t think that turning 28 would be such a blast…

I have celebrated my birthday for 4 days with my gorgeous husband, special child and fabulous friends.
This birthday has just shown how lucky and blessed I am.
Thank you to everyone for making it so special

So instead of previous birthday memories, I am going to recap my AMAZINGLY AWESOME 28th birthday. 

Staring with my birthday morning…
Unlucky for us, MC was booked on a business trip to Houston for the week, oly landing back at 9.30pm on my birthday evening. As a crazy lover of birthdays, this devastated me as I love waking up to early morning birthday celebrations. But I really enjoyed waking up to my little SJ, singing happy birthday together (okay, she just says hooray!), tea in bed together watching her favourite cartoons. 

We then headed off to Tasha’s for a yummy breakfast with my special friends Rox and Lisa. They both spoilt me rotten with flowers, balloons and breakfast.

I arrived back home to so many exciting deliveries: flowers from my hubs, balloons from my Shanny and Sammy and a gorgeous cake from Nix.

My baby girl

Breakfast girls

Yummy English breakfast

SJ and her Roxy

Balloons and flowers from Sammy

Roses from the staff at Tashas

Bag of roses from my MC

Pretty pastel balloons from Shanny

Spoilt rotten by the lovely ladies at La Belle Vie

Cupcakes and vouchers from Lyle & Lisa

Pressie spoilings from my mommy friends

Stunning cake from Nix



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