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28 August 2013|

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I am officially 28 years old (and 6 days).

And instead of a post of 28 things I have learnt in my 28 years, I am going to list the 28 things I am grateful for…
The sweet Lord that chose me to be one of His children

The day I was born and the life I have been given

The precious family I was born into

The privileged childhood I grew up with

The sweet world of nature and beautiful environments that I grew up in

The exceptional education I was provided with

The unique teachers that cared for me and helped me grow and achieve

The brain I used to further my education

The able body I was blessed with to move around and play sport

My 5 senses that allow me to truly experience each day

The food that I have fed my body with

The people I met in life that taught me valuable lessons

The incredible man I fell in love with and is now my husband

The amazing and accepting in-law family that I married into

The skills I was blessed with to perform in the workplace

The privilege of being able to travel and see the world

The special friends that love, support and entertain me each day

The furry animals that were my friends through life

The safe and reliable cars that I have driven and drive

The homes and shelter that have provided a roof over my head

The blessing of being able to build our new family home

The miracle of being a mom to our gorgeous baby girl

Waking up to the sea and sunshine each and every day

The advanced technology that allows easy communication across the world

My sweet blog and the creative release it is and the sweet community that I interact with

The even sweeter blogging friends I have “met” and interacted with

The genuine, unconditional love I receive every second of each day

Being able to turn 28 this year…


  1. I really loved this beautifully written post, Cals. I love that you took the time to acknowledge the big and small things that you are grateful for. I hope being 28 is going wonderfully for you xx

  2. first- happy late birthday!!
    i only found your blog today… hence the late bday wishes!!

    28 will be great- its been good to me so far. still hard to admit, but its oh-so-close to 30!
    anyway, happy birthday and i just adore you and your pretty little blog;

    x o x o

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