Book Review: Me Before You

15 July 2013|

I love to read books. I always have.
When I was little, you would always find my nose in a book. Stuck until the book was finished.
And I still believe that my good spelling is all thanks to the mountains of books I read.

I now belong to a wine club book club. 
The aim in the beginning was to share and read books but after a few weeks, there were no more reviews and after a few months, there aren’t really any actual books! But our monthly catch ups are the best and now everyone just chats and drinks wine!
I haven’t stopped reading though and all thanks to my iPad, I now buy and read books online. It works out to be much cheaper and a lot easier not having to carry and store heavy books around.

I decided that it would be quite nice to share my thoughts or reviews on these books with you.
Let me know what you think…

Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

Me Before You

JoJo Moyes

Romantic Drama

  • Will Traynor – a young man who is crippled in a motor accident and is wheelchair bound.
  • Louisa – young girl looking for a job and becomes Will’s carer.
  • Nathan – Will’s male day nurse.
Will is a fun, arrogant and outgoing man who mixes in the right circles, lives the high life of booze and women and spends his days travelling the world or sealing million dollar deals. It is all taken away from him in a matter of seconds when he is a pedestrian in a major accident. It leaves him paralysed and in a wheelchair – the polar opposite to his previous life.

Louisa is a young girl from a poor family who is “let go” from her waitressing job. In desperate need of money and a new job, she signs up to be Will’s carer and source of daily entertainment and activities.

The book tells the story of the relationship and bond that forms between these two people. The different backgrounds and statuses that they come from and the future that lies ahead for both of them. The story is touching and heartwarming but also sad and heartbreaking.

I really couldn’t put this down. The bond and relationship that starts to form between Louisa and Will is touching and unique, and it deepens with each page. The ending left me in tears…

Have you read it? What did you think?
Any book recommendations?


  1. Would you believe it! I am currently also reading this book, in between the other three books I'm reading. I haven't gotten past the part where his friends come to visit him for the first time after Lou starts working there.

  2. We just started a book club and LOVE it! (First meeting was on Saturday…) So much fun tog gather thinking you're going to talk about books and end up enjoying the company more than the character chat! 🙂

    I have a STACK of books needing to be read… And this can be added!

    We're reading Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine. Amazing. AH-MAZING. I have a couple others… I'll email you love!

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