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16 July 2013|

Sweet Nicole from Bloom is sharing her hometown story with us today. 

Name your hometown?

Hernando, Mississippi!

The courthouse on our town square via
Where is your hometown?
Hernando is located in North Mississippi.  Hernando is just a hop, skip, and jump away from the Tennessee state line and I can be in the middle of downtown Memphis in less than half an hour.
What does your house look like?
Well, it looks exactly like this…
Picture from the realtors website from when we bought the house in Fall 2012

This isn’t really a “standard” type house for our area, but it is fairly common.  Most of our homes are simple brick with some stone here and there.  I wish we lives in an area with more craftsman style and bungalow style homes… those are my favorite!
Where do you work and what do you do?
Starting in August I will begin my first teaching job! I will be teaching second grade at a really small private school in our area.  How small?  I will be the ONLY second grade teacher and I’ll have no more than 15 kids.  Our entire school k-12 fits in one hallway! It will be a great experience for me and I’m looking forward to being able to openly talk about my faith in an education setting.  
What are some of your favorite hometown hobbies and activities?
I really do love our area and I consider Memphis to be our “home” too.  I love having such a wide range of things to do that include small town fun and “big” city fun.  Here are a couple of my most favorite things…
Our local farmer’s market.
Our square and clock tower where we got engaged!
Las Delicias Mexican Restaurant with the BEST guac in the whole world.
The famous Peabody place ducks!
There really is so much to love about North Mississippi and Memphis. I like being from a small town, but being within driving distance to great malls, sports teams, and cool, “city” restaurants.  While I would love to move away for a short time, I think that we will always call North Mississippi and Memphis “home”!
Is Memphis calling you yet??
I would love to spend a day with sweet Nicole, listening to her stories about Jesus and her faith in her glorious town – everything so green and inviting.

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