Week 5: If I were to win the lottery, 5 Things I’d Buy

15 July 2013|

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Week 5: If I were to win the lottery, 5 Things I’d Buy

My child’s education:
I would pay off all the years of SJ’s schooling: pre-school, full school and university. If I was unble to pay up front (for university as an example as she wouldn’t have applied or registered etc), I would put the equivalent amount into an education fund for her. As a teacher, I know the extreme importance of a good education for children and here in South Africa, private education is so expensive and always on the increase. When it comes to schooling, I never want my children to go without.


A Trust Fund for Gozololo:
Gozololo is a local charity that is close to our family’s hearts. My FIL is actively involved in the charity and I often run the odd charity drive for the school. Gozololo is a school for AIDS affected babies and children. Miriam and her group of loving caregivers provide a stable education and upbringing as well as love and care for these sweet children. I would open a trust fund for Gozololo to ensure they receive money on a monthly basis that would help cover all expenses and extras.

Our new home:
We are currently building our dream home, and along with building and anything in your dreams, comes many bills and payments.  I would pay the house off – all building expenses, finishes and furniture so that we could move in with no repayments, loans or bond hanging over our heads.
A holiday:
I love to travel, and there is no doubt that I would want to splurge on a dream holiday for myself, my hubs and SJ. I would love to write a list of places to visit and experiences to enjoy. And then pack our bags and head off on a wild adventure. I would visit Paris, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Australia, Maldives, Seychelles, Texas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, back to New York, Zanzibar, Egypt… The list never ends. Just a full around-the-world holiday.
A Range Rover:
Call me shallow but I have a thing for cars. I love the comfort and luxury of a beautiful car and the speed of a fast car too. A black Range Rover Sport is my dream car and if I had the extra cash, I would make this purchase and park this baby in my garage. 

What would you buy if you won the lottery?


  1. I love the list and I think mine would be similar. A trust for education for my one day baby. Paying off the bond (and in our case, upgrading to a dream home), donating to an animal charity that I believe in, travel! and then a little indulgence for me 🙂

  2. I love your list- paying off student debt was number one on my list too! And the car? I'd totally park that in my driveway! I don't think that's shallow at all 🙂

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