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09 January 2024|

Happy New Year – and welcome to 2024!

It’s pretty crazy that it’s already the start of a new year… Although we are still thick in holiday mode, for a few more days…

I have to admit – I often think that my blog posts are never read and that these monthly wallpapers are for my benefit only… And then I open my inbox or DM’s a few days into a month, and there is someone asking for the new designs – or I arrive at an event and see one of our fun designs on a friends phone wallpaper… And you don’t even know big my smile is!

(Fun fact: I arrived at one of my daughters hockey matches and four of the opposition team mums had my monthly wallpaper on their phones and very proudly showed me. And last month, I arrived at our slipper/wine/book club and four friends had their monthly wallpapers on their phones too!)

So, for another year running… we will be sharing our monthly wallpapers.I am so grateful to be working with the fabulous Kerryn from The Arty Party again this year – she is my design/artwork/fun go-to creative.

Download your January desktop wallpapers here and here.

Download your January phone wallpapers here and here.

And please REMEMBER – we always love it when you take a screenshot or photo and share your downloads with us. Don’t forget!


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