Back to School Gifts 2023

23 January 2024|

We LOVE giving gifts in our home, no matter how big or small. And one of our favourite back to school traditions, is to put together a small something for each of our class teachers and friends to welcome them into our class and new year.

Sometimes, we choose a sweet treat and sometimes it’s a fun toy or something that is linked to the theme or holiday (like Valentines Day, Easter or Christmas). This year, we chose stationery items for our class friends.

  • Our teachers each got a personalised pouch, pamper voucher, personalised biscuits, stationery and some delicious treats.
  • ZB sent cute erasers to her Grade 1 class friends.
  • EN sent cute dinosaur pens to her Grade 4 class friends.
  • SJ sent cute post it notepads to her Grade 6 class friends.

Where to find them?

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