SJ 10th Birthday – Decor

25 April 2023|

So before I confuse anyone even more – this is SJ’s party from LAST YEAR (2022)…

2022 was a but of blur for me, I lost pretty much a year of my life with being in bed and hospital with morning sickness, then twin pregnancy, then birth and NICU and then it was December. So I am still playing catch up! One day, I will archive these all into the right dates but for now, we play catch up.

SJ’s 10th birthday party was one of my favourite themes: Sophchella (our own spin on Coachella). We had so much fun with colours, decor, designs and outfits – and the kids had an absolute blast! We had an awesome backdrop, fun photo booth, spinning ferris wheel and disco balls. The kids got their own VIP passes, cool shades to decorate with beads and personalise with their names and a very special, personalised bracelet as their party favour.

THANK YOU again to our amazing suppliers, we just adore working together:

Photography: Courtney Warren Photography

Stationery & Decor: The Arty Party

Furniture, decor and set up: The Creativity Lab

Backdrop: Pretty in Pink

Cake & cupcakes: Smiths Bake Shop

Biscuits: Artful Biscuit

Macaroons: Monz Macaroons

Party favour glasses: Icky Bee

Party favour bracelets: My Girl Pearl

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