April Goals

19 April 2023|

It’s been 18 months since I last set a goal, and shared my monthly goals on the blog… haha, that may be a very easy way to sum up life in the past eighteen months! But I am back with very gentle goals to start off with – a good place to start as I navigate this new, crazy chapter in life.

April Goals

Surround our home and my heart with Jesus

Wake up before my children every day

Cheer MC on in his exciting work opportunities

Drink more water

Drink less Coke

Be more consistent with my gym workouts

Read two books

Finish a new series

Enjoy our first family getaway as a family of seven

Celebrate Easter as a family

Family Easter egg hunt with our kiddies

Settle the girls back into school for Term 2

Host our bookclub girls

Celebrate SJ’s 11th birthday

Start our Baby Bright Stars mornings with the twins

Celebrate my special cousins wedding

What are your goals this month?


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