Happy Birthday Ellie Love

28 August 2021| ,

Happy 9th Birthday to my little space on the internet… Ellie Love.

When I started blogging – it was actually 11 years ago, when we got married – but that was another domain, another name – nine years ago, I didn’t have a plan. I had a fun and bold idea that I would start an online journal and start recording our mundane, day to day life and fun. The blogging scene in Durban was quite new and up and coming, and I didn’t fit any mould, I didn’t want to. I didn’t start my blog for anyone but me.

I soon connected with the most incredible women across the seas – in America, Europe and Australia and we became internet-pen-pals, we followed each others blogs, photos and daily stories. We commented, we sent emails and we sent snail mail packages. We were a bunch of like minded women – newly weds, being creative or owning small businesses, then first time mamas, and second and third time too. And then Instagram arrived and the blogging world started to dwindle – thankfully I have always kept in touch with these wonderful women, but as much as I love photos and Instagram and Facebook – I love reading the words and stories of my online friends lives, challenges, milestones, advice and experiences. And I miss that the most about blogging…

But I am still here, and still sharing my stories and experiences for me and our family to look back on one day. Yes, there are an amazing group of women from around the world that read my blog and I get to engage and be friends with, and yes I share all my favourite brands and products as we use them through our real life because we can all be kind and help small businesses around us, and share the love. I am not an influencer in the sense that I work for brands and my blog is my day job, but we all have influence – we can all share and encourage others when we receive good service or love something we have bought and loved.

I love my little online world, and I am so grateful for the incredible people I have met along the way. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by, said hi and been a friendly voice behind your words. And my biggest thank you’s are to the four ladies that made my blog happen all those years ago:

Nadia Jonker – Nadia and I met when I had one idea: to start a blog. She walked me through the how-to, the do’s and don’ts, and she even sat with me as we brainstormed words for the blog name (which as a reminder had nothing to do with our second baby girl, Ellie as she was only born a few years later!). Nadia is one of the most creative, stylish and organised women I know – we share an intense love for stationery and we were at school together. Thank you my friend for being my blog’s “Day One” – I wouldn’t be here without you.

Andrea Barras – Ands and I have actually never met, only online. Ands is the beauty and brains behind all my blog graphics – all the pretty pastel colours, my logo and branding and all the sprinkles. One of the best things about Ands is how we have never really had to make any changes – she just gets me. Every. Time. Ands recently emigrated to the UK, and that is the beauty of this online world – she can work from anywhere. And she does it all for me – FB headers, Instagram highlights, giveaway artwork – it’s all her! Thank you my friend for knowing me so well and being an absolute pleasure to work with.

Nicola Tweed – Nics is the website guru. Unfortunately, we also haven’t met face to face but I hope one day soon. Nicola developed my blog web page as well as my old LuluPop website too. She does all our updates and puts all the different pages, plugins and technical bits together. Nothing is too much for Nics, and she trains and coaches you to become a whizz kid too – her tutorials are a must! Thank you Nics for being so kind, so willing and so patient and for still doing everything behind the scenes, all these years on!

Nicola Ashe – the KZN blogging OG. Everyone in Durbs knows Nics and she needs no introduction but she needs and deserves mountains and mountains of credit and appreciation. Nics is the brand consultant who will take your brand, your website, your business, your social pages to the next level – and she is one kick ass human being too. With the greatest laugh I’ve ever heard, Nics is a true expert in her field, and is loved, known and appreciated for her honesty. Nics has sat with me a few times, guided me, advised me and shown me the ropes. And she continues to be a great friend!

Here’s to many fun and fabulous blogging years ahead x

Photogtraphy: Courtney Warren Photography


    1. Ah my Ash, you are too kind! And I couldn’t agree more – so grateful for our online community and friendship across the seas x

  1. I miss the golden age of blogging! But your blog has always stayed true to you and I love that you stay with it! Your positive energy is so radiant and so clearly shines through!

    1. Aw Taylor, I am so grateful for you and I couldn’t agree more. I also miss the good old blogging days – I didn’t even know you still blogged, so excited to go and catch up now.
      Thank you for being a very special “online friend” over the years and just adore your new precious babe, congratulations again mama x

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