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18 May 2021| , ,

Ten, seven to nine year old girls being dropped off on a Saturday afternoon to sleep over until late Sunday morning… Are we crazy?! No! It was magical – and we all had the most fun ever!

The girls all arrived in the afternoon, shrieked and hugged each other hello, and then jumped into their insanely beautiful Anna Louise personalised pyjamas for some fun photos and an early cake time. They got themselves so excited in their teepee’s and opening their goodies and party packs – they played around, we sang happy birthday and cut the cake and then they jumped into their cozzies and got into the pool and down the water slide – hours of fun and endless shrieks of delight!

After a few hours, they all got back into their pjs, nestled into their teepees and we ordered pizza for dinner. They calmed down and decided to watch Yes Day for their movie with their movie boxes of treats, they then asked for a second movie and all got cozy and comfy in their little slumber cocoons. At 8pm, we called for lights out knowing they would spend a few hours chatting and giggling but by 9.15pm, all these little poppets were fast asleep… until 5am! (which to be honest was later than I thought!) The sweetest part was sneaking downstairs to check on them and seeing most of them sleeping with their Anna Louise eye masks on!

On Sunday morning, the girls bounced around playing, had delicious pancakes for breakfast and they spent a few more hours back on the water slide before mums and dads started to pick them up. Our first mass sleepover was a huge success – big smiles and happy hearts.

Most of these girls have been friends since birth or pre-school and considering that they go to four different schools between them, they are so incredibly close. There wasn’t one nasty comment or disagreement, no drama or cliques – just a group of special souls having so much fun together, making everyone feel welcome and included and sharing a genuine, special friendship. May these friendships continue to flourish and bloom (because I also adore all their mums!)



Photography: Courtney Warren Photography

Teepee set up: My Teepee Glampover

Personalised pajamas: Anna-Louise Sleepwear

Water slide: Foam Party Inflatables

My Dress: ONE

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