Dear EN… On your 7th birthday

07 May 2021| ,

Dear EN,

Happy 7th birthday our sunshine Ellie Boo.

You are pure sunshine. You are solid gold. You are cute. You are infectious. You are gentle. You are kind. You are selfless. You are serving. You are loyal. You are courageous. You are adoring. You are meticulous. You are conscientious. You are cuddly. You are hysterical. You are our shining light. 

You came into the world with an unexpected early arrival, but a fierce and courageous determination to show the world the lioness in your heart. Your name means shining light and you couldn’t be more of a light in our lives. Your sensational smile lights up every room you enter and every heart you encounter. You are calmer and more reserved than the other crazies in our family but only because you are quietly observing all around you and finding where you would like to be. You have a heart of gentle gold, always serving others and the most selfless little soul who would do or give anything to everyone else. You have the quietest perseverance and when you start something, you never give up until you’ve done your very best. And you laugh – the most beautiful sound in the world! 

Your journey through life hasn’t been the easiest my Boo Boo, but my protective mama bear heart has never been so proud. The way you give life your all, always seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the bravery in which you tackle any challenges is admirable. You teach me baby girl – you teach me patience, remind me to slow down and be still, you encourage me to stop and smell the flowers and the sparkle in your eyes brings JOY on even the darkest of days. You may be a Daddy’s girl my Ellie Boo, but you have my heart forever – and we are so happy you want to live at home forever 😉

You’ve been counting the sleeps for weeks my sunshine, enjoy every hug, every song and every celebration today – it’s all for YOU! We love you to the moon and back.

Love Your Mama x

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