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05 March 2021|

Our sweet little Boo – her little smile lights up the world and watching her happy and excited face just soaking up everything at her party makes my heart sing. EN has always been our quieter, more reserved little poppet who makes one or two close friends who she is extremely loyal to – where SJ is our socialite and is friends and absolutely everyone!

When we spoke about having small and intimate parties and that we could only invite 10 little friends, EN rattled off a list of so many more… Which surprised me but then also made me realise that she may be quieter and unassuming but she enjoys the company of so many little friends – our family friends, her school friends and sweet friends from her extra activities.

Her party was her best day ever! She bounced around with the so much joy and excitement, she had so much fun with all her little friends and made the for them all, and she was so incredibly grateful for the gift of her party celebration at the end of it all. My heart explodes!

This sweet bunch of fairies played party games like pass the parcel and musical chairs, and then designed their very own fairy gardens which was met with shrieks of delight – they were so excited to make pathways, mini forests, min toadstools, name their fairies and sprinkle their fairy dust.


Photography: Heather Fitchet Photography

Girls dresses: Pick n Pay


    1. Aw thank you my Ash – just adore these girls and celebrating them! Thank you for your kind words, always x

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