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04 February 2021|

I am THAT person, THAT mom that loves to label and loves to cover books. Maybe it stemmed from my love for stationery so as a little girl, I would squeal in delight as I received my new stationery box and got to label all my items and cover all my books before school. And now I am the mom who loves to do this for my girls. Haha, maybe let’s normalise finding the joy in these somewhat tedious tasks?? 

When SJ first started at her big school in 2018, inside the school welcome pack was a pack of Labels 4 School labels – it included their value pack: small and bug stickers, shoes stickers, iron on labels and the best invention stickers, the wrap around pencil stickers. They came in black and white with her name, the school name and school logo. I was blown away – such a clever idea by Labels 4 School but also so appreciative of the school including them for us. That was when I was first introduced to Labels 4 School and all their wonder. 

It’s so wonderful to now see the local brand being used nationwide and being a firm favourite amongst many moms I know and more recently, their influencer campaign and discount codes with so many of my favourite bloggers. 

We have always used the school provided labels from Labels 4 School but last year, I also purchased their gun and colourful labels in cute designs. I ordered their personalised water bottles, pencil bags and book bags at the end of last year and used them as fun stocking fillers for Christmas. My girls absolutely loved their chosen designs and we now use our labels for everything: home stationery, books, belongings, shoes and lunchboxes. The water bottles have been a huge hit especially because they are thermo coolers so water is kept cold throughout the day, and we use our personalise pencil bags and book bags to store colouring pens, sticker and activity books and colouring books for when we are out at a restaurant or waiting in the car for our sisters to finish extra murals – a great way to avoid using the iPad too often too. 

The one label item that I don’t use often is the clothing iron on labels – not because they don’t work, they do! But because I’m not a huge fan of ironing. So a few years ago, I found a personalised stamp at Waltons or CNA, stuck in my letters and now we stamp all our clothes. These stamps are a genuine life and time saver – I ended up buying three so I didn’t have to keep swapping out the letters and as soon as we bring home clothing from the shops, we stamp them and put them away. We have stamped everything – from clothes to pajamas, from swimming costumes to underwear and the bottom of socks. If the clothing item is black (the same colour as the stamp, we stamp the little white label). 

We love to share any form of love or discount – and these amazing mums are sharing their discount code for Labels 4 School.







Do you love labelling and which labels do you use?


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