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02 February 2021|

Organisation is definitely one of my top strengths and it is something that my life and family rely on, and that we thrive from. So it is now a way of life. I do understand that it is something that doesn’t come naturally to so many people, and I have had to really give so much grace in this area as it can be very frustrating but we all have our own strengths and weaknesses – and organisation is one of mine. So I’ve decided that this week I would share some of my organisation tips with you – sharing the joy and the simplified life that comes with this organisation too.

First up is my laptop desktop and my phone home page.

Computer desktop

Each month, I download the desktop wallpaper that we offer as a blog download, so beautifully designed by Kerryn at The Arty Party and then I move my folders around to match up with the wallpaper design and for me to see the calendar design clearly. My desktop is very clear (I am not a 1 million tabs open person) and I sort everything into folders. My current folders are: each family member, my blog, my school committee, online learning and then any day to day folders that I am working with (currently this is blog images and photos to print).

I use the fun and colourful folder icons from Haley at Whatever Bright Things and she shares monthly wallpapers, icons and a simple tutorial video on how to load them.

Each of these folders has sub folders. Our family member sub folders include: Admin, Documents, Medical, School, Accounts, Photos, etc, and the committee and blog sub folders are organised by year. As organised as I may be, I still use the search bar almost every day when I cannot find a document. My inbox is also categorised into folders, I do not delete emails unless junk and I don’t store them in my inbox, that is cleared every day. Those folders are quite similar: family members, groups and committees, household, a general admin folder and my blog.

Phone home screen

After reading one of Emily Ley’s books on simplifying my phone and following The Home Edit’s rainbow phone organisation advice too – my phone is organised into folders, each app by colour. Some organisation tips recommend organising apps by their function: banking, medical, school, social media, games etc but I found that by colour is way more effective – lets be honest, we all recognised apps by colour (purple for Instagram, blue for Facebook and Twitter, green for WhatsApp, blue for Mr Delivery, red for YouTube etc).

This home screen may look super impressive and hours of organising, I promise you it took me minutes… All my apps are in colour folders, the rainbow for kids games and the masks for Covid-19 protocol links. All main apps that I use daily are stand along for easy reference.

And of course, my background wallpaper is either MC, our family or our monthly wallpaper downloads.

How do you keep your phone and computer organised? Hope these tips helped.



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