Amazing Women: Elizabeth Ampofo

25 August 2020| ,

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” – Gina Carey

Our fifth Amazing Woman is:

Elizabeth – founder and owner of Vagabond Story

Bio: I am a 29 years old Ghanaian woman living in beautiful Durban. I love connecting with new people and finding ways to uplift and collaborate with other women. I love sunglasses and finding the right fit for any face is my super power.

Fave colour: Black

Fave food: Sushi

Fave song and movie: Song- Kokoroko “Abusey Junction// We Out Here” Movie- Mary Poppins, Obviously.

Fave travel destination: Accra, Ghana.

Two things you have loved about lockdown: I started reading a lot more again, I also appreciate exercise more…. and of course, waking up without an alarm.

Two things you have disliked about lockdown: I live in an apartment, I did not realise how much I need a garden. I also miss my family a lot.

Name 3 women who have empowered or influenced you: A beautiful woman called Angela who was one of the inspirations for Vagabond Story, My mother, who has shown me that hard work, perseverance and discipline can change your life and both my friends Nontando and Genevieve, they both know how to take just about anything and spin it into something beautiful. Their minds and lives inspire me to work harder and not make excuses when things get a little difficult.

How and why you started Vagabond: Many years ago I was shopping with a friend, Angela. As we were walking, I noticed that her sunglasses were no longer on her head, I mentioned this and we backtracked and found them on a shelf in an art shop. She commented about how many pairs of designer sunglasses she had lost in a similar fashion and that she would jump at the opportunity to get good quality sunglasses that are affordable and stylish. The seed was planted. A few years later, Vagabond Story was born. Where is the name from? My mother used to say all sorts of curious things and one of them was “I do not want Vagabonds living in my house!” Since  I am not a doctor, lawyer or accountant, this is the story of a professional vagabond.

Ah my Liz, you are just one of a kind and I’m so grateful for our friendship that has formed online. I am so incredibly proud of you, your business and your story – you inspire me and so many women around. You are brave, you are strong, you are bold, you are courageous. You have the kindest and most thoughtful heart, and you have an incredible business with great work ethic and amazing service – I get stopped in the streets to ask where my sunglasses are from ALL THE TIME. Thank you for being a part of our amazing women in August.

You can find the gorgeous Elizabeth online:




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