July Goals

04 July 2020|

Okay so June came and went and I didn’t set any goals… And I didn’t even realise! Because life is all sorts of crazy at the moment – and ironically time is flying by!

So a quick recap of my May goals and setting important yet simple, but effective goals for July.

Half way through 2020!

May Goals

SURVIVE another month in lockdown Surviving, not thriving

Lean in to Jesus – make time for Sunday sermons, Tea with Tes and Daily Dose with Dyl Loving these moments

Celebrate EN’s 6th birthday The happiest at home celebration

Celebrate EN with a stay-at-home family and online party She still says her lockdown birthday was her favourite!

Enjoy our online Church Connect group evenings Loved our Tuesday evenings seeing friendly faces

Have fun at weekly Quiz nights with friends All the fun. All the laughs.

Celebrate Mother’s Day It wasn’t a celebration but we were together and I got the day off to renew my body and mind

Find a routine for our school online learning We got into a good daily routine and we are so proud of how well our girls managed to learn at home

Be prepared – download and print the night before and Sunday prep This was the key for me – it saved many manic moments, and when I didn’t – it all fell apart with many tears!

Enjoy ZB’s school activity bags with her She LOVED them!! 

Meal planning to help ease the chaos and our weekly grocery shop This was also a lifesaver, especially with MC doing our grocery shopping each week

Weekly acrobatic challenges for our girls They absolutely loved this – a lockdown highlight! Such fun!

First online Sisterhood with Linc Church What a treat to have Sisterhood from the comfort of my own bed, lots of tears and powerful moments

Estate walks and bike rides during the allocated exercise time – I failed at this BIG TIME!

Bake for our neighbours They loved their birthday cheesecake

Order and receive our masks We love all our masks: our favourites are from Anna Louise Sleepwear , Mask It  and the cutest face shields from  Macaroon.

July Goals

Listen and learn from inspiring WOC, and then do better

Explore, follow and share new WOC online profiles, blogs and small businesses

Support and buy from small businesses owned by WOC

Encourage new conversations around race, oppression and seeing colour with our girls

Diversify our selection of toys, crayon colours, books, TV shows and dolls with our girls

Approach brands that I love and support to discuss their brand diversity, inclusivity and representation

Help our girls’ school with their transformation journey

Keep listening, keep learning, keep doing better

Survive Lockdown Level 3

Celebrate my SIL’s wedding date from afar

Prepare our girls for back to school in Term 3

Make time for one on one, quality time moments with our girls and MC – family is everything

Are you setting goals during lockdown? I would love for you to share them with me.


*Image by the talented ladies at  Social Squares

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