May Goals

18 May 2020|

This is BANANAS.

Last month, I thought that setting goals was a little pointless but actually, the realisation is that it doesn’t matter where we are, we can still set and achieve goals. Goals don’t have to big, bold or life changing – little by little, it all adds up.

So, May is for baby steps (halfway through anyway!)

April Goals

Surround our home with Jesus – heart, Word, Worship and Prayer

Create a simple family schedule and routine

Get moving each day with home workouts, Pilates and yoga – Only lasted a few days!

Print homeschool packs and activities for our girls

Make/paint/create our Rainbow of Hope

Make fun arts & crafts together

Bake new, fun recipes with our girls

Watch two new series – I watched The Stranger and Safe, and loved them!

Read two new books – new book reviews coming this week. I read a lot more than two!

Family Easter Egg Hunt with the girls

Celebrate Easter as a family

Celebrate SJ’s 8th birthday 

Celebrate SJ with a stay-at-home-family-online party

Schedule FaceTime/Zoom catch ups with special friends

Enjoy the Watercolour Heart online course – I haven’t started but I finally got my supplies

Have fun with our My Play Box art activities – We have done two of our activities, so much fun!

Have fun with our Moxie Kids Craft Box activities – we haven’t started yet.

Update our Pink Glitter memory albums – we’ve done as much as we can without photos

Run our awesome Bumble Box giveaway – YAY!!! Congrats to our winner, Leigh McHugh

May Goals

SURVIVE another month in lockdown

Lean in to Jesus – make time for Sunday sermons, Tea with Tes and Daily Dose with Dyl

Celebrate EN’s 6th birthday

Celebrate EN with a stay-at-home family and online party

Enjoy our online Church Connect group evenings

Have fun at weekly Quiz nights with friends

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Find a routine for our school online learning

Be prepared – download and print the night before and Sunday prep

Enjoy ZB’s school activity bags with her

Meal planning to help ease the chaos and our weekly grocery shop

Weekly acrobatic challenges for our girls

First online Sisterhood with Linc Church

Estate walks and bike rides during the allocated exercise time

Bake for our neighbours

Order and receive our masks

Are you setting goals during lockdown? I would love for you to share them with me.


*Image by Social Squares


  1. These are some great goals! I have seriously been slacking in monthly goals my brain has given up on everthing. I find it so hard to focus these days.

    1. I hear you my friend, and this is so normal! We also need to allow ourselves this space where all we do is SURVIVE!! Sending you so much love x

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