Dear EN… On your 6th birthday

07 May 2020| ,

Dear EN,

Happy 6th birthday our happy, sunshine baby girl.

We have never seen you so excited for anything my precious child – you have been counting down the days for weeks! And your gorgeous grin has got wider and wider each day. Your lockdown birthday has been your best one yet – you’ve never been one for big crowds or all the attention on you. So being at home with just us five was your idea of perfection.

I am the proudest Mom my little ray of sunshine – and I have the softest yet most protective space in my heart for you. From the day you were born, arriving early and unannounced to days in NICU and years of struggling through illness and low immunity, to your shy reserved self, self regulating your sensory processing and then overcoming difficult personalities – I am your mama bear and I will protect you and keep you safe, no matter what! 

You are a ray of sunshine my baby girl, your smile lights up a room and your little voice and cutest giggle have melted endless hearts. You may be quiet and gentle but you are quietly confident, fiercely loyal, love unconditionally, and are hard working, determined and focused. You have a heart too big for your little body and you are incredibly selfless – always trying to help others and put them first. Your love and devotion to us as your family is something we will always treasure, you are one in a million.

These past few months of being in lockdown and home bound together have brought us even closer – you have welcomed me as your teacher, loved me even harder as your mama and you have embraced all that life has thrown at you and us with a mature understanding and acceptance, and making the most of each day. I am bursting with pride – and your Zulu language skills knock me off my feet! What a blessing to spend your special day together as a family of five.

We love you to the moon and back.

Love Mama x

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