Easter 2020

12 April 2020| ,

Our Easter this year looked very different as we are in a national lockdown due to Covid-19. We only leave our homes to get the essential shopping but instead of being sad about it – we are trying our best to make the most of being at home, being still and endless quality time together as a family of five. We made sure that our Easter weekend “lockdown down” at home was one to remember…

We started our morning bright and early with a garden Easter egg hunt – the girls loved running through our garden searching for chocolate eggs and treats. They were also blown away with the Easter baskets that the Easter bunny brought for them – filled with bunny pyjamas (our annual Easter tradition), activities and yummy treats.

The highlight of their morning was seeing visible evidence of the Easter bunny. They set up an iPad on record, all night so they could try and get a sneak peek of the infamous bunny… He knocked over the iPad as he hopped into the house but they were enthralled by the movement and noises! I love this childhood innocence…

We all packed out our Easter decor from previous years and parties and set a fun table, and made a delicious chicken and mushroom pie and everyones favourite dessert, pavlova. An intimate and very special family lunch together.

With full tummies and after all the fun, we climbed into our bunny pjs and cuddled up together to watch our favourite bunny movie, Hop. And just before we got into bed, we were blessed with the most beautiful rainbow over our home – a true sign of hope for us all.

A very happy family of bunnies.


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