Just Three Things

24 March 2020|

I am always in awe of the magic of connecting with so many beautiful women “on the line”. It’s no secret that I am a fan of social media, for all its positive benefits – the main one being meeting and engage and connecting with so many incredible women across our nation, and all over the world. I have made so many amazing friends through social media – that I admire, respect and look up to.

One of these incredible souls is Chereen from For The Beauty Of It. Chereen and I actually met via email years ago when she was a magazine beauty editor and I worked for one of the PR agencies – we would arrange to send her press releases and press drops, and invite her to our product launches and events. And she was beautiful – inside and out – then as she is now. Fast forward a few years, and we connected through our blogs, we even met briefly once at the 2016 Hillsong Colour Conference, and we gave each other the biggest squeezes.

Chereen is gentle, yet she is fierce. She writes so beautifully and so vulnerably, from her heart. She loves so hard and is so dedicated to her people. She knows her beauty just as well as she knows her peaceful, local neighbourhood and how to embrace small town beauty.

Chereen is pure magic.

Her most recent blog post this week: Just Three Things – I was inspired to find my own rhythm, dig for that daily joy amongst our current uncertainty and heartache, and prepare myself for Just Three Things today.

As I start my day today, these are my three things for today:

  • I will lean into Jesus, His word and His worship
  • I will move and stretch my body with my girls during their morning yoga
  • I will plan and write one blog post for this next week

What do you think? Give it a try and see how it positively impacts your day.


*Thank you Social Squares for this beautiful image*

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