Christmas: Gift List for Teachers

20 November 2019|

In our home, we find great importance in spoiling our teachers. And thanking them for a very special year together. I don’t think our teachers get the credit and recognition for all that they do for us and our babies. A Christmas gift at the end of the year, is a wonderful way to show our appreciation and treat them before their Christmas break.

In previous years, I have been the Class Mom and we have organised a gift from the class and often we like to add our own gift from us as a family. I like to get to know the teacher and understand what their hobbies are (our teacher last year got a voucher towards a new sports watch as she was a triathlete and another got a yoga class membership as she loves yoga at a local studio) and the ways they love to treat themselves (their favourite wine or gin, or pamper vouchers for their favourite salon).  Another way we love to spoil our teachers are with organisation items like desk calendars and diaries for the next year or with a personalised gift with their name, initials or engraving from our girls or the whole class.

We include our headmistress and class teachers for the above gifts, and then we choose a smaller Christmas bloom, chocolates or biscuit tin for our extra-mural teachers and specialist teachers at school. Something small to thank them too.

This is what we have chosen for some of our favourite teachers this year:

  1. Personalised desk calendars from Macaroon.
  2. Personalised wooden tray from Hello Cool Designs – this is cute with all the students drawings.
  3. Printed wine cooler from Thandana.
  4. Leather purse with initials engraved from Thandana.
  5. Personalised micro fibre towel from Macaroon.
  6. Page-a-day 2020 diary with personalisation from Macaroon.
  7. Class name engraved wooden board from Hello Cool Designs.
  8. Printed and personalised pouch from Macaroon.
  9. Pamper vouchers from our favourite salon, La Belle Vie.
  10. Bright and colourful earrings from Happy Island.

How do you spoil your teachers each year?


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