Christmas: Gift List for Kids

18 November 2019|

Six more Monday’s until Christmas… Have you started Christmas shopping?

I had a few requests for a Christmas Gift Guide this year, after my annual birthday wish list. And I thought it would be awesome to share not only my gift guide this year but also one for my girls. Our lovely au pair, Robs actually got my girls to sit down and write a Christmas list this year and so all of the above and below gifts were specifically chosen by them.

Our girls are in the big craze of imagination play – they love their dolls and have asked for all the baby doll accessories: baby clothes (we love to buy the cheap onesies from Jet, Pep and Ackermans – works out cheaper than buying the actual doll clothes), doll nappies and bottles, doll car seat and pram. Our little ZB is the only one who doesn’t have her own baby doll so that is on her list.

A wonderful trick we like to use at Christmas time is to buy the girls something they actually need (like pajamas, costumes, new sports shoes or equipment) rather than just toys, toys and more toys. We also promised to get SJ a watch when she could tell the time.

This is what we will be purchasing this year:

  1. Andrea and Friends Pool Party and other lego sets from Lego.
  2. New junior tennis rackets from Sportsmans Warehouse.
  3. Baby pram, stroller or jogging pram.
  4. The Junie B Jones book set for Sophie.
  5. Three storey Barbie house.
  6. Double slip and slide from Sportsmans Warehouse.
  7. Underwater camera from Cotton On.
  8. Kids Swatch watch.
  9. New takkies from Nike.
  10. Real life Baby Bella.
  11. Baby doll Car Seat Carrier.

What is on your kids Christmas list this year?


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