Birthday Wish List

13 August 2019|

NINE MORE SLEEPS until birthday time!

I love how the birthday wish list is now something that friends and family look forward to… I’ve been asked a number of times where this post is and why its taken so long?! And I love that it’s inspired so many other wish lists – which makes for easy birthday shopping.

This year’s favourites are:

  1. Vouchers from my favourite stores and spa: Country RoadCotton On, and Oyster Box Spa.
  2. DKNY Original perfume
  3. White espadrilles from On Y Va
  4. Beautiful blooms
  5. Rose gold bracelet with my family initials from Michelle Robyn Jewellery
  6. Rose gold wobbly O earrings from Michelle Robyn Jewellery
  7. Beautiful bottles of delicious gin
  8. Lush bath bombs
  9. Can’t post a wish list without my favourite diamond earrings…
  10. Travel bags from Thandana: Large weekender in Cheetah Coral, vanity and mini decker cooler bag in Tigger Coral


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