July Goals

01 July 2019|

Can you believe that we are halfway through the year?! How did that happen?! And even more of a shock is that my July goals are on the blog on time…

June Goals

Consistent morning routine

Consistent evening routine

Attend the Gin Festival

SJ’s day clinic procedure

Draw up a Winter holiday bucket list

Get outside more So easy to do this in Durban’s Winter weather

Drink more water Still trying…

Love on MC even more as he navigates work stress and pressure

Have “The Chat” with our SJ – Delayed until later notice…

Celebrate our MC for Father’s Day

Wrap up the school term

Celebrate our girls trying their best in their school reports So so proud of them!!

Watch the Charlottes Web production

July Goals

Tick off our Winter bucket list

Enjoy the Winter holidays with my girls

Enjoy a few days in London with my hubs

Go to the Wimbledon tenns

Catch up with special London friends

Complete our girls Art books

Re0decorate our girls bedrooms

Take our girls to watch Disney on Ice

Spend quality time with family friends in Midlands

Watch Toy Story 4

Watch Aladdin

Watch Lion King

Get involved in Love Week at our church

Celebrate the wedding of two very special friends

Enjoy our Bookclub weekend away

What are your goals this month?


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