Five Favorite Dinners

14 May 2019| ,

What should we cook for dinner?

The one question that most mums find themselves asking every single day.

The easiest way I like to plan our family dinners is:

On a Sunday, I sit down with the calendar and plan the week ahead – which nights is everyone home, which nights are MC and/or I out (for business dinners, bookclub, date night etc) and which nights are we home late and we have less time to plan and cook etc.

My go to meal/dinner plan is:

Monday: Roast chicken, lamb or beef

Tuesday: Red meat (lamb chops or pork sausages)

Wednesday: Fish (hake, tuna or fish cakes) or pasta (spaghetti bolognaise, macaroni and cheese or prawn and chorizo pasta)

Thursday: Chicken (chicken pieces, chicken schnitzel, chicken wraps or chicken soup)

Friday: Fun family dinner (homemade pizza or burgers)

How do you plan your evening meals and what are your favourite go-to dinners?




    1. Thanks Candice, some ideas to getting creative in the kitchen and not be eating the same boring meals each week! x

  1. Lovely photos!! I love meal planning. We have burgers every Thursday. A lot of meals are cook one eat twice type meals.

    1. That is SO clever!! We often do that with leftover chicken for pies or soups, or leftover mince for breakfast or pasta. I have always loved your burger night traditions x

  2. Our meals, like yours are planned around our family’s schedule. My slow cooker is my hero. I use to think it is only for old people food, like stew, but I have been so happily surprised by the amazing dishes I can cook in it. I bought a slow cooker with a timer, and it has saved our family so much money in take out. A great place to look for fun and exciting recipes is Slow Cooker Central.

    1. Wow Kammi, I definitely need to investigate more slow cooker meals – saves time and fuss too! And so delicious – thank you for sharing x

  3. The dinner pics look delicious!!!
    In our house we have Meatless Mondays. It’s a really good way to force us to think of vege meal ideas and we feel quite virtuous too …

    1. Thank you so much Alison! I need to get more creative with Meat Free Monday, although a tough shift from Roast Mondays 🙂

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