Family Shoot 2018

13 May 2019|

After crazy few weeks months of settling into the new year – almost halfway through already… I wanted to play catch up on the blog. So please excuse a few posts that may seem a bit “outdated”. At the end of last year, we met up with favourite friend and photographer, Heather Fitchet and did a family shoot on our local golf course. A few days later, poor Heather had her hard drive stolen out of her bag whilst travelling, along with our family shoot photos.

So we got together, and did another family shoot – in the same clothes and at the same venue. And it was just as much fun! Thank you Heather for always being so patient with our craziness and for managing to capture our family and girls personalities so perfectly.

We truly treasure these photos.



  1. great pics!! The girls are so beautiful and all getting so big. Why does the time have to go so fast?? ugh.

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