Halloween 2018

19 November 2018|

Halloween has always been an interesting celebration for me, and recently I chatted to a very close friend about how she and her family view this holiday and occasion and we came to a very similar conclusion and view point. As Christians, the idea of celebrating death and all things ghoul-like and gory is not something I would agree with but at the same time, locking my doors and closing my curtains on a night that hundreds of little people are going to knock on my door asking for treats is something only The Grinch would do…

I am by no means giving in to societal pressure but I agree that it is fun for our girls to dress up in cute and fun outfits and have fun on our Estate with their friends running down each road, knocking on doors and enjoying treats from our neighbors. But we are very careful of sitting them down and explaining that Halloween is fun to dress up and get treats but we do not celebrate death and do not believe in witches and vampires. But rather, as my special friend put it, we celebrate life and all that Jesus has blessed us with – including very kind neighbors.

This year, we invited a few friends to our Estate Halloween party, all the kids dressed up (SJ as Tweedle Dee and her bestie as Tweedle Dum, EN as Princess Elsa and little ZB as Poppy from Trolls), the kids played games and ran the streets in search of sweets, the Moms sipped G&T’s, the Dads watched rugby and we all ate pizza – what a fun evening!

What is your view on Halloween?

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