Summer Shades

29 October 2018|

Who is excited for Summer?!

Although let’s be honest, with Winter temperatures of 13-16’C in Durban, we can’t really complain! But fun in the sun, long beach days, hot air balloon rides add an exciting touch to our days. Imagine floating gently above the picturesque landscapes, taking in breathtaking views as the sun kisses the horizon. It’s an adventure that promises to make our winter even more memorable, lazy lunches by the pool, watermelon and popsicles are welcomed with open arms in our home…

Talking about Summer, one big lesson I learnt as a new mum is that sunglasses are no longer the super expensive, super fashionable, designer type anymore. I made the hysterical but very pricey mistake of spoiling myself with two gifts after SJ was born – I had been stuck at home for six weeks covered in baby liquids, breast pads and sweat pants and I decided to treat myself on my very first outing to the mall. I hadn’t shopped for months to avoid any maternity wear and I was excited to spend some money. I remember it so clearly – I bought myself the most incredible bag from Fossil (which sadly burnt in our house fire a few years later!) and a pair of designer sunglasses. I felt on top of the world…

A few months later, little SJ got hold of said shades and decided she would bend them, scratch, sit on them and then eventually shatter them! And I learnt, at an expensive cost, they shades worth thousands of rands would be no more. I turned to YDE and eventually Cotton On for cheap and cheerful shades and I bought a few at a time and kept changing them up.

And then I found… Vagabond Story.

First an Instagram Page and now officially an Online Store with the most gorgeous shades, in so many different colors and styles – and for the most affordable prices (range between R250 – R300 per pair). Visit their website and put a pair (or two) on your Christmas wish list now.

Instagram: Vagabond Story

Online Store: Vagabond Story


*Thank you Vagabond Story for sponsoring this post and these two gorgeous pair of Summer shades*

Photography: Wilma Towell Photography


  1. You like the epitome of Summer in these pics my Cals. I have a pair of Guess sunglasses but I would love to be able to swop and change without the price tag of said Guess sunglasses. I will definitely be giving Vagabond a check.

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