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21 June 2018|

Our little EN had strict instructions for her ballet party: NO BOYS.

How did that happen already?! Although, lets be honest – how many boys would actually want to come to a ballet party, dance around in tutus and put a tiara on their head? This was the start of our girls-only parties – and EN loved it. In a small space, it was nice to have a limited number of little children and a calmer bunch (although still plenty of shrieking and noise!).

Our little EN isn’t a socialite like her big sister – she prefers to play on her own, observe from just outside the circle, not be the centre of attention but still have her nearest and dearest celebrate with her. So cute watching all these little pink tutus dancing around…



  1. Cals, I was just like EN. Also shy and would rather have a close few friends around me. She is such a special young lady. Loved her party so much!

    1. It is so amazing to see how different they are, and respect this for their little personalities! Just love her x

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