Dear EN… On your 4th Birthday

07 May 2018|

7th May 2014

The day our little warrior princess came into the world, waiting for no one.

7th May 2018

The day we celebrate the 4th birthday of our little warrior princess, our ray of sunshine.

To my Ellie Bellie Boo,

Happy 4th Birthday my special big girl. Just calling you big girl and not little girl chokes me up. I sit hear and think back to the craziness of the day you were born, the day you came screaming into the world, waiting for no one (not even your Daddy) to be with us before you came out fighting. From the very beginning, you have been determined and you have been strong and brave to fight for everything. You are my ray of sunshine, my warrior princess.

How has it been four years since then? Our 34 week preemie who defied all odds by being a great, healthy weight, not needing any assisted breathing aids and taking only a few short days to learn how to suckle and then heading home. Home to a Mommy, Daddy and big sister who simply adored you – and still do (a new little sister too!). And from that week, you chucked your preemie status aside and you have grown and matured and developed to the sweetest and cheekiest little rascal – meeting all your milestones (and exceeding all expectations).

Today, I look at your big blue eyes and your cheeky little grin, your adorable little voice and I am in awe. In awe that Jesus chose me to be your mama, in awe of your beauty (definitely Daddy’s genes), in awe of your determination and will to fight and succeed and overcome any challenge or curveball that life throws at you, and in awe of your sweet and gentle and loving nature. How are you mine?

You have a heart too big for your body. You love and adore those closest to you and although you keep most people and strangers at arms length – once you let someone in, you are loyal and devoted to them forever. You love ferociously my poppet and your hugs and kisses can break down even the most unaffectionate people. You are gifted in so many ways – mature and intentional in everything that you do. You can sit and color in for hours – until every last inch of the paper is covered in crayon, and once you’ve set your mind on a puzzle, it will never be left undone. And you can sing, so beautifully and so enthusiastically – it is one of my favorite sounds in the world – your beautiful renditions of Moana or our favorite Jesus songs.

Your love for your Daddy is admirable and it melts my heart. He is your hero, your one true love – and so he should be. He is the apple of your eye, your knight in shining armor and you love and adore him with all of your being. I will always remind you how much he loves you, all that he will always do for you, and encourage you to treasure this unique bond that you share. He will be there for you, now and for always my Boo. Our precious Daddy’s girl.

The only thing that breaks my heart is the speedy rate you are growing up and how quickly these 365 days come around. Time slow down… We love you our precious birthday girl and we cannot wait for a lifetime of birthdays, big hugs and squeezes, cake for breakfast and the happiest giggle and delight when you open birthday presents. You are our everything, and more.

I love you to the moon and back

Mama x

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  1. Happy birthday Ellie. I hope you had a beautiful day with mom, dad, SJ and ZB and all your birthday wishes came true. You truly are a ray of sunshine.

    Cals she is such a bubbly little girl. You and MC are doing an amazing job with your girls. Such an inspiration. Love you my friend. x

    1. Thank you Sha – she really is a special little soul and she just oozes love and sunshine! So proud of our little four year old! x

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