Dear EN… On your 3rd Birthday

07 May 2017| ,

Dear Ellie Nicole,

Oh my sweet, precious girl – where do I even start? It is finally your turn to have a “happy birthday” – you have so patiently been counting down the days – first to your baby sisters birth, then your big sisters birthday and now finally your own big day. Your joy and excitement warms my party-planning heart. You love a “happy birthday” – probably because you know it means cake, candles, presents and singing – a few of your favorite things.

Three years ago, you arrived into the world after a stressful and slightly dramatic 24 hours. But having you placed in my arms and staring into your big blue eyes, I fell in love (for the third time!) And just when I doubted being able to love another baby girl, my heart grew even bigger and my love expanded. Those first few days together were tough and emotional – we just wanted to kiss and cuddle you, and take you home but we needed to work together, you and I. Our first lesson and hurdle together, on how to get you to suckle and feed on your own. And we did it, in record time and so well. We made a good team from day one, and I hope we always will be.

In saying that, there is only one true love in your eyes – your gorgeous Daddy. Oh sweet child, you just adore that man – you always have and I know you always will. I absolutely love the bond that you two share – you are so alike and have so much in common, and you are already the best of friends. You stare at him with your big, blue eyes – and all you see is love, adoration, pride and pure joy. He is your everything. I am so grateful to God for giving you this amazing Daddy, for him to guide you through life and show you how a man should treat you. I can only hope that you marry someone like him one day.

You are our ray of sunshine, our little shining light – your cheeky smile lights up a room and so many lives. When I was pregnant, I decorated your nursery in the color yellow and it has been YOUR color ever since – just like your personality, bright and cheery and full of fun. You are our family clown – always giggling and joking around, and making us laugh. Oh how we laugh at your cheeky facial expressions and the cute little mannerisms.

You are just like your Daddy my Boo – in looks, nature and personality. You have his white blonde hair, little baby curls, big blue eyes and cheeky smile. You share his love for the outdoors, playing ball sports, being affectionate and being extremely loyal to those you love. You are quiet and reserved, preferring to be on the outskirts of a crowd but friendly and confident when in your own, comfortable space. You have a little fire in you too, and you know when to stand your ground. We are so proud of the little cherub that you are and the big girl you have matured into – even your tantrums can be cute at times! You have blown us away with your confidence and maturity in starting school, making friends and enjoying activities. You are one smart cookie, reaching milestones and learning beyond your years – who would ever say you were 6 weeks premature?!

You had a rough second year of life angel girl, spending many days a month at the doctor, pediatrician and in hospital. Your little premature immunity had taken a knock and you needed help in building it up and taking out those rotten tonsils. But through blood tests, injections, IV drips and hospital beds – you had a smile on your face and never screamed or became miserable. You found comfort in Daddy and I and we got through that difficult time, so blessed with your precious self.

You and Sophie may be sisters, but you are best friends first. I could not have been happier to have had two daughters, so close together in age. You do everything together and you love each other to bits. You look up to her, follow her everywhere and want to be just like her in every way. And she is the best teacher and role model for you right now – she has your best interests at heart and she guides you, supports you and protects you against everyone and everything. She hates you getting into trouble and misses you when you aren’t around and you both still love to dress the same (lucky mama!). I pray that you will always share this incredible bond, be best friends, and be there for each other – no matter what.

We always thought Sophie would be the adoring big sister when Zoe was born, but you have blown us away with the way you are obsessed with your baby sister, You wake up in the morning asking for her and you got to bed at night thinking about her. You are soft and gentle with her, talking to her and singing to her – even offering her your ice-cream. You are so aware of how little she is, how she has no teeth and she cannot walk or talk – but you cannot wait for her to be old enough to do all these things with you. You are so willing to help look after her, give her her dummy and stop her from crying – and so far, you are her favorite too, clocking in most of her smiles. Again, I pray each day that you will always  look after her and be there for her in life.

I love you my Ellie Nicole – I love your “libble bit”, your “bugglebum”, the way you only call me mama, your love for sugar (especially cake), the way you look up to your big sister, and your obsession and adoration for your baby sister. You are the most special soul with a heart as big as your smile. I love you to the moon and back.

Love Mama x


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