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16 November 2017| ,

How many parents do you know who really enjoy making their kids lunches in the morning? Not many. Maybe it’s the OCD-planner in me but I love getting creative with kids lunches and it is now a part of my weekly meal planning. I also like to have some fun with it too – cute shaped sandwiches, colorful cupcake holders and a variety of food and flavors. I cannot wait for my girls to be old enough to read so I can add some cute lunchbox notes too…

So after a poll on Insta stories last week, so many moms requested some fun and different lunchbox ideas for their kids. Both my older girls are at school in the mornings so they both get a packed lunch snack and juice bottle each day. I try to include the different food groups (a main meal or starch, fruit and veg, dairy and yoghurt, protein and snack). I am also lucky that my girls are relatively good and non-fussy eaters – they eat all of the below. These are genuine lunches that I have packed (not just pretty pictures for the blog!)


Strawberry jam or peanut butter sandwich 

Granadilla drinking yoghurt

Salami sticks

Kiri soft cheese

Carrot sticks

Green grapes


Mince and pasta (leftover from dinner)

Strawberry drinking yoghurt



Date and nut bar


Crackerbread with Bovril

Strawberry yoghurt tub

Dry worshippers biltong sticks

Banana muffins (homemade with brown bananas)

Mielie corn



Hotdog roll with vienna sausage

Fruit yoghurt tube

Mini cheddar biscuits

Dried fruit stick


Celery sticks


Ham slices

Banana yoghurt tube

Dipping cheese and biscuit sticks



Friday treat!!! Any ONE of the below sweet treats is allowed on a Friday

I would love to hear from you.

Do you enjoying packing lunches? Do you have fussy eaters? What are your go-to lunches for your kiddies?




  1. Hi Caley

    What a lovely post. I wish I could live in your house! You’re an awesome mom.
    My mom is amazing but was absolutely NOT into packing lunches, so we got a brown bread Bovril sandwich every day & an apple. My brother & I still joke about it.
    As for packing lunch for my (super picky) 4YO son, he gets the following every single day (& he loves it so much): brown toast with no butter, grated cheddar cheese, a yogurt, water & maybe some dried cranberries or biltong (which he will only eat one in 10 days).


    1. Oh friend, you and me both! My mom never packed my lunches – either my nanny did or I packed them myself. It was horrible!
      Maybe thats why I make such an effort now x

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