Being a Mama to Three

20 November 2017|

This post has been in my Drafts for so long (the past seven months actually!) but after reading Laura’s amazing post on Adjusting to Three and Julie’s post on Life With Three , they inspired me to get writing and finally post it…

Being a Mama of Three

Let’s be honest, I am hardly an expert after just eight short months but I do consider eight months a pretty good achievement and able to comment on the matter. It is a question I get asked ALL THE TIME (after being told I am absolutely crazy by most, and then when are you having the fourth by others). And the truth is…

Being a Mama of Three is…

The best thing I have ever done

The biggest achievement in my life

Surprisingly easier than having two

Really tough when one or more are sick

Even tougher when my husband travels and I am a single parent

Pure joy and delight in our home

Our completed family 

As the cliche goes, it is really hard to imagine life before having our ZB. She has been the perfection addition to our life plan and the perfect little soul to complete our tribe. She really was our missing puzzle piece. She has brought nothing but joy and delight to our home and our lives – she is a dream baby girl, so content with fitting in with our crazy life plans and schedules and beyond doted on by her big sisters.

Tough times are tough, but few. In fact, I would say that I have only really had three tough moments this past year – and each time involved a week of minimal sleep for ZB, school holidays for SJ and EN, at least two out of the three sick, MC away on business travels and a whole lot of frustration. But life is all about seasons and stormy seas, but we put our big girl panties on and navigate our way through the dark clouds until we meet the sunshine on the other side… Life cannot be all about plain sailing.

We have so much time with Number Three. It is amazing how sometimes more is less. When EN was born, SJ needed attention from someone so it was hard work to be alone with two kids or for MC to splits time between a toddler and mom with baby, but third time round has been so much easier because the older two have each other. MC and I can spend quality time with ZB while the older two play games and entertain each other.

It’s a real juggle. In this short season, we often find ourselves splitting up as parents to attend the age needs and demands of the girls. MC will take the older two to the beach for the day or to play golf and ride bikes, and I will stay home with ZB to make sure she is in her own home comforts. Or I will take the older two to watch a movie and Granny or MC will stay with ZB. We really have to play the family outings that we can all enjoy as a family of five.

You make sacrifices. No, we won’t be going on a family holiday to an island or Disneyland or skiing anytime soon. As much as the older two are begging to do such fun things, we would prefer to wait until all three kids can enjoy something as extravagant as this. So it takes more time… (which is great for the savings too!) And financially, we will need to plan and save and make sacrifices in order to give our girls the very best.

And our family really is complete. We were out this weekend with just the older two and we both commented how quiet and weird it seemed to not have ZB with us – there was a major void. Our older two girls are obsessed with their baby sister, and her face lights up when she seems them. We are truly blessed with our three precious princesses and we thank Jesus every day for entrusting us to be their parents and guide them through life.

Do you have three? Are you thinking about a third? What are your challenges and joyful moments?





  1. What a beautiful post Cals. Although you have your tough days, you make it look so easy. Your three angels are lucky to have a mommy like you!

  2. I have an almost 2 year old and 4 year old and I do think of adding a 3rd member to the family, if God wills but definitely not right now ! I feel the 2 year age gap was overwhelming with two very demanding children! I still feel as though I am not managing two, one was so much simpler and calmer! Let’s hope next year brings some order in the household !

    1. I will be praying for you too Mishka – I have to agree that our 3 year age gap second time around made things much easier but it is all in His plan x

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