The Gift of Giving

25 October 2017|

It is no secret that one of my love languages is Gifts (have you ever seen so many wish lists in your life?) – but a co-love language to this is Giving. As much I love to receive gifts and be spoilt, I really prefer giving the gifts. I love to put my love and thoughts into choosing a special birthday or Christmas gift for friends and family, treat a teacher or just help those in need.

At this time of year, there is always an amazing drive to give and donate to so many people and foundations in need. In the past, w e have got involved with giving care packages, educational supplies and party goodies to a rural school and orphanage and helping a disadvantaged church with local supplies.

This year, I have decided to get involved with two fabulous initiatives:

Santa Shoebox

Bless-a-Granny or Grandpa

Santa Shoebox

Santa Shoebox is an annual charity drive that involves receiving a young child to “treat or sponsor” and filling a shoebox with items that they need – namely, toiletries, clothing, toys, treats and educational supplies. The shoebox is then wrapped in fun Christmas paper, delivered to a local drop off point and delivered to the precious recipient.

This year, I have been lucky enough to spoil these two kiddies with their santa shoeboxes:

Nosihle – little girl age 6

Junior – little boy age 6

How can you get involved?

Visit the Santa Shoebox website, click on Get Involved and Pledge a Shoebox and follow the prompts. Have fun buying your treats, pack them in a shoebox and deliver them to the nearest drop off point on Friday – Sunday, 3rd – 5th November.

You still have time to pledge a shoebox and help.

Bless-a-Granny or Grandpa

Bless-a-Granny or Grandpa is an initiative run by The Robin Hood Foundation that allows you to spoil a special elderly person in one of our local old age homes. You are also given their name and gift request to the value of R150 – how heartbreaking that my special granny and grandpa want washing supplies and bed linen for Christmas?

This year, I am treating these two special folks to their request and some Christmas treats:

Eddy Lowers – fitted sheet and pillow slip covers

P Limon – washing powder, eta-soft and toiletries

How can you get involved?

Contact Kim Griffith Jones on and she will be able to send you a special granny or grandpa to bless and their gift request. All gifts need to be delivered to one of your nearest drop off points by 13th November 2017 for them to be distributed.

*Thank you Jane for sharing this initiative and allowing us to get involved.

There really is no time like the festive season to get giving and really add some love, magic and joy to someones Christmas spirit.



  1. So lovely to see Bless a Granny and Grandpa there – I love getting involved with that one. The Robinhood Foundation is my sister’s charity. X

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