July Goals

06 July 2017|

YAY!! Now we are officially halfway through the year – six months down and six months to go. 2017 has been pretty good to us and I am loving enjoying every moment and savoring every day. Trying our best at living life to the fullest…

June Goals

Enjoy special family time. So many special times together and memories made.

Celebrate Father’s Day. Such a special day with breakfast in bed, Church and then lunch at home with the family.

Run. Not much running done this month, more walking – but I have loved it!

Make time for me. Loving my blogging and designing time.

Read Cultivate What Matters. I have only just started but already loving every word.

July Goals

Have FUN in the holidays. For 24 of the 31 days in July, my girls are on school holidays so we are gong to make the most of it! Schedules planned, calendars full and exciting times ahead.

Host our July Party. The Durban July races is always a good party at our house – we hosted one two years ago and it has now become an annual event. Dress up to theme, social night with friends and a few bets on the ponies – cannot wait!

Wardrobe Clean Out. I do a massive clean out every Summer and Winter and get rid of everything we haven’t worn in the past 6 months. I need to do this for myself, MC, the girls and even little baby ZB (who is now out of 0-3 months clothes).

Weekend Getaway. We planned a spontaneous trip to the Drakensberg mountain just the five of us and we cannot wait for some fresh air and quality time together.

Complete my Louise Parker 6-week program. I recently started a 6 week program with the fabulous ladies at Louise Parker UK and I cannot wait to share my results at the end of the month – hard work together the pre-baby body back!

Start Baby Classes with ZB. I can’t believe that our baby girl is going to be old enough to start a little moms and babes class together. We have decided to start Baby Bright Stars and allow ZB some stimulation time and fun classes as she matures and develops.

What are your goals for July? I would love to hear them in the comments.



    1. Sounds like my January – but I think thats because it is our Summer, start of the year and long holiday break! And ALWAYS before a house move x

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