May Goals

03 May 2017|

Where did April go?! How is it May already?!

April Goals

Survive the first 6 weeks of a newborn. We survived, and surprisingly well. Little ZB has been a content and happy baby who has eased us into the sleepless nights and endless feeding relatively well.

Establish a good morning routine. I can finally say that I am doing a whole lot better, and i can thank ZB for this as her early morning feed is at 5am so I am able to get up then, feed her, make a cup of tea, and have some quiet time before the rest of the house wakes up. And I really enjoy it.

Complete Powersheets goals. I’m still working on these…

Start exercising. I got my all clear from my doctor at my 6 week check up and I am finally back in the gym. Last week hurt like hell and I could barely walk but now I am really enjoying it!

Celebrate SJ’s birthday. What a special celebration – our little birthday princess loved every second of her big day and the celebrations. And she is obsessed with her present, the play house.

Celebrate Easter. We did. Not how we expected to but we did. I spent the day in the ER with a scar infection but MC organized an Easter egg hunt and gave the girls their Easter baskets. And they got to devour chocolate eggs all day. Success!

Enjoy the school holidays. They were crazy. They were busy. They were chaotic. But we had fun and we juggled our time and resources and ensured the girls had a good time – we watched movies, played with our cousins from London, we baked, we had tea parties, we went to parties, we had play dates, we swam and went to the beach. We had fun!

May Goals.

Set and achieve fitness/weight goals. This post party body is in need of some serious work and I need to get my eating right, and get my fitness back up.

Maintain my morning routine. The quiet time and time with Jesus and the Word is life changing and sets a tone for the day. I can’t wait to keep  this up.

Celebrate EN’s birthday. Another special little birthday in our house this month. She is so excited for her celebrations, excitement and party.

Celebrate Mother’s Day. A special day for me with my three precious girls but also a special day to celebrate with both my Mom and Mom-in-Law.

Complete Powersheets goals. Finally – I will do this this month! Keep me accountable.

Have you set any goals for May? I would love to hear them in the comments.


*Image from the very best Shay Cochrane*


  1. I love your monthly goal posts, my friend! Absolutely love the sound of your morning routine… I think my goal for May will be to follow suit, and to wake up earlier so I can also spend some time praying and in the word. I’d also like to start saving again – even if it’s just R500; every little bit helps! Aaaaand… we’re trying to find a new home, so think I’ll add that to my list, too!

    (Do you have the Powersheets from the US? Or what do you use? Would love to get started on powersheets as well!)

    Ah, reading this makes me wish we lived closer… how I wish we could meet up for a cuppa!

      1. Her images are amazing but SHE is even more amazing! Follow her on Instagram – a real lady of worth x

    1. Ah me too!!! Virtual cuppa’s it will have to be for now but hopefully a meet up soon!
      I do have the Powersheets from the US – I never used my 2016 ones so I am using those this year. A really great tool to get started!

  2. Happy early Mother’s Day! One of my goals for May is to get my book unit completed and posted for teachers and home school parents. Also, congrats on achieving all of your April goals!

  3. Those first 6 weeks feel like total survival mode. I’m so glad y’all have established a routine. Adi is finally getting into one herself. Makes things easier coming home from work and sort of knowing what to expect. Miss you friend.

    1. So true my friend – without routine, things are all over the place!! And can be so stressful and unpredictable! Miss you more x

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