SJ’s 4th Birthday: Food

10 April 2017|

If you ask any child what the most important part of a birthday party is – their answer will always be… the sweets and food table! When it comes to kids parties, I love to coordinate the food with the theme and the popsicle party allowed for some fun food. We had a froyo van serving frozen yoghurt and toppings, a giant popsicle cake, popsicle biscuits and cupcakes, popsicle lollies and lots of colorful sweets.

A delicious table of sweet and savory snacks from Suburban Cafe is a regular at our parties and functions. Kim whips up the most incredible burgers, wraps, quiches, brownies and custard slices – and the table is always devoured.

Thank you Carrie from Cupcakez for the cute popsicle cupcakes, krispie treats, biscuits and cake.


*All our gorgeous photographs from our family favourite, Heather Fitchet*

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