Book Review: Before You Go

09 February 2017|

Title: Before You Go

Author: Clare Swatman

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters:

  • Zoe – female lead
  • Ed – male lead (Zoe’s husband)


When Zoe’s husband dies, her whole world is shattered and she thinks of all the things she never said and regrets she has. And then she wakes up the next morning with a second change at life and love and doing things right. Is she able to change their path and direction in life?


I could not put this down! Every chapter is a new day in their ‘new’ life and a second chance. Their love and marriage is so real and so honest and it is so easy to relate to this couple – it makes you think of each day and how we cannot take life for granted or live with any regrets. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Have you read it – what did you think?

Any other good book recommendations?



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