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27 January 2017|

This Friday is a very happy one indeed – after a week away, my hubs is home!! The girls and I have REALLY missed him this week – we cannot wait for a weekend together.

EN started ballet. I never thought I would see the day that my little, chubby baby girl would get dressed up in her leotard, skirt and ballet pumps and dance around a ballet studio – but she loves it! Can you imagine the cuteness of having TWO daughters in the same ballet concert at the end of the year?

SJ started gymnastics. As much as SJ loves her ballet and it has taught her so much from being calm and gentle, form and posture and to be patient, she is a more active little girl and she has been desperate to start gymnastics. Needless to say, she absolutely loves it!

4D scan. I am absolutely besotted with this third baby girl of ours – look at those cheeks, perfect pout and little button nose? We cannot wait to meet you.

Dad of daughters. We spent this past weekend in the bush with special friends and I love this pic of MC and his girls, in the middle of the African bush (his happy place!).

The Bush. We were spoilt with great sightings of lion, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest and rhino.

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  1. Visiting from the link up! Your girls are precious. I was in dance when I was really little and then switched to gymnastics for a while when I was older. So cool that the bush is yours to explore! And congratulations on your third little girl, how exciting!

  2. I love little girls in gymnastics and ballet! I did the same thing and then ended up in figure skating and did that until I was 12. All three of those sports are so fun for little girls, aka all the fun outfits!!

  3. I just love seeing your sweet girls and their love of those awesome activities. You are an amazing momma for keeping them involved in so much even though that means that you are extra busy. I can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful new addition. My heart is so full for you!

    1. Thank you my Ash – crazy how busy their little lives get as they get older! Going to be a juggling act trying to spend quality time with each of them when baby girl arrives!! Yay for tonight x

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