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27 December 2016|

As mentioned before, this year has had its challenges (more to come on that!). We started the year with two precious girls being at school with extra activities, play dates and commitments along with a very hard working husband who has totalled more than 180 flights this year for business and then my four months of severe morning sickness and being in hospital or being bed-ridden.

Unlike previous years, this means MC and I have spent very little to no time alone together – something we have always made a priority with weekly date nights and weekends or holidays away, just the two of us. We both value quality time highly and it is one of our top two love languages but this year, it just hasn’t been possible.

In November, when I first started to recover from the sickness and start to feel a bit better – we decided to book our annual long weekend away to Cape Town and a week later, MC had a business meeting come up in London and we decided that I would travel with him to make the most of some time alone together.

We spent four days and four nights in London – exploring the shops, eating chocolate spread for breakfast, Wagamamas for lunch and room service for dinner, embracing the minus degree temperatures for the magical Winter Wonderland experience in Hyde Park, early nights and lazy mornings but best of all – one on one time, just the two of us – to reconnect and fall in love all over again.

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And then we were spoilt with another four days and four nights in Cape Town – in thirty degree sunshine (quite different to London!). We spent the first two days enjoying lazy walks, gym sessions (for MC!), our best Willoughby’s sushi, waterfront visits, Hamley’s kid shopping, ice-creams on the beach and dinner with friends – and non stop alone time. Unfortunately, I spent the last two days in bed with morning sickness again – but well looked after my amazing hubs and much needed sleep and rest before getting home to our baby girls.

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It may sound quite ironic that one of 2017 resolutions is to continue to make this alone time together a priority as we are about to have our third baby and life is only going to get more hectic – but it just means that we have to make an extra effort to fit this time in. Six years of marriage and ten years of dating – and MC is my bestest friend and my true soul mate – my heart literally aches when we don’t get this special time together. Life is crazy and busy and hectic but there is always time for each other.

How do you make time for your spouse and marriage?



  1. Totally hear you cal… it’s so important and so tricky to do. Think weekly dates nights are a must which we going to try make a habit in 2017 xx

    1. So so important! A few goals are weekly/biweekly date nights, two weekends away a year and one holiday alone every 3-5 years x

  2. I absolutely adore the sweet couple that y’all are. This is such a good reminder for me as Michael and I get ready to welcome our baby girl that we have to find time for us too. The love that you two share makes my heart smile for you. Missing you friend. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!

    1. It is SO important my friend, and often the first to let go and neglect… Going to be hard for us this year with three sweet babes!

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