Five on Friday

22 January 2016|

The fourth Friday of the year. And both my girls are back to school.
How is possible that I have two daughters at school already? 
But a new Friday link up with Christina for Five on Friday and Karli for Oh Hey Friday!
Back to School 2016

1. Little EN started school. Our little baby is officially at school, and she loves it! EN started at a small play school this year and she surprised us all, by walking in and being a big, brave girl who loves her school and teacher. Not a tear in sight!

2. SJ started Grade 000. SJ started a week later as her school is private (pay more but go less!) and for days, she was begging to go to school. As expected, she walked straight in, said good morning to her new teacher, unpacked her bag/locker and kissed us goodbye. Our little confident poppet.

3. School Preparation. Our evenings and mornings are now filled with laying out clothes, packing bags and making school lunches. 

4. Teacher gifts. Our teachers this year were treated to jars filled with goodies to “C” them through the first week at school – and have all confirmed that the coffee and chocolate definitely helped.

5. Class gifts. EN’s little new friends were treated to bottles of bubbles and they were a great hit. SJ’s special friends loved their gummy bear treats too. Something small to get them all excited on their first day, a good ice breaker.
Here’s hoping 2016 is a happy, healthy year for our girls.

Starting school in 2015


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