Drakensberg – December 2015

27 January 2016| ,

We are so blessed in South Africa to have the most beautiful holiday getaway spots right on our doorstep. MC’s family have had timeshare at Champagne Sports Resort for years and we have enjoyed many amazing weeks in the Drakensberg mountains. The resort always reminds me of the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing and I often imagine little holiday flings happening around me.
Last year, we booked a week away for our sweet family of four – just me, MC and our girls – some much needed rest and relaxation for us all and quality time as a little family. We love going on holidays with friends and family but for the first time, it was just the four of us and it was absolute bliss.
We spent our days outdoors – swimming, tanning, running, playing, horse riding, biking, hiking and warm Summer evenings at the delicious buffet, playing in the sunset or enjoying a braai outside.
A week together that we will never forget (and we didn’t want to leave!)


  1. SO many good pics! You have the prettiest little girls! I have an older sister so I just love your sisters pics! Looks like an amazing getaway!

    Also, you should do a hair post soon – like the products and tools you use – because you have amazing hair!!

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