Christmas Wish List: For Him

15 December 2015| ,

I have noticed that it is quite common for couples to have different love languages to each other – hence the reason we are all norma when we argue and disagree as we are filling love tanks in different (and not always the correct) way.
One of my love languages is Gifts and this is definitely the last one on MC’s list – he would be eternally happy without ever receiving one gift in his life – all he needs is a meaningful card. Christmas and birthdays started off pretty interesting – he gets showered with gifts bit isn’t that excited about them all and he is subjected to shopping up a storm and finding the “right” gift for me.
On that note, this is a list of what I think he should get this Christmas. Again, he wants a card only…
Christmas Wish List: For Him
MC is in desperate need of new sunglasses because he is forever losing his
He loves a good watch and the Apple watch looks amazing
MC is training for The Cape Epic mountain bike race and a good mountain bike is a must

Abercrombie Fierce is MC’s signature scent and we keep refilling his bottles
The new Dapper Desk diary/planner from Emily Ley is perfect for the working business man
MC’s wallet burnt in our fire and his new one is too small for our South African rand notes

MC is obsessed with Cole Haan shoes – especially the funky colour ones
He always needs a good work shirt
Perfect board shorts for our Summer

MC used to be Banting and loves the recipes in Tim Noakes Real Meal Revolution – and even the kids recipe book too
The new War Room book is a great read from the author of The Revolution of Man, Fireproof and Courageous

What gifts do you buy the man in your life?



  1. We are so similar – one of my love languages is gifts but my fiance is not bothered by them at all. It makes life interesting hey?!! This year I'm focusing mainly on what he needs (pyjamas, work shoes, tennis shoes etc) as I honestly can't think of anything he wants! x

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