What is that smell?

12 November 2015|

What are your favourite fragrances at home?

Fresh rain or grass
Baking bread
Scented candles
What are your worst fragrances at home?
Babies nappies
Looking at the lists above (which are pretty generic in most households), the favourite fragrances are all beautiful but none of them linger for very long. They all smell amazing when the flowers are alive, the bread is in the oven, the grass is being cut, the rain is falling or the candles are burning but then they are gone and the bad smells start to creep in…
And I talk from experience.
In the past few weeks, we have had some crazy smells to try and get rid of. We have had endless dirty nappies in those ridiculous nappy bins that don’t eliminate the smell, it just hides it! We have had some terrible fish smells after cooking a delicious meal that lingered for days. We have had a raging fire in our garage that left everything covered in soot and stinking of thick black smoke. And we have had a leaking tap that drowned our kitchen and dining room and left a horrible damp smell. And the notorious smell of baby vomit in a car chair that has a brand new car resembling a nite club bathroom.
As a stay-at-home-mom and proud housewife, my home is my everything, my sanctuary and where I spend most of time every day. I cannot stand the bad smells – how does anyone work or babies sleep or guests enjoy a cuppa with horrible smells lingering through the home? I get embarrassed about bad smells and I try my best to get rid of them.
Cue: Ambi Pur
Ambi Pur is specially designed to not only eliminate odours, but to also
provide a light fragrance in order to truly refresh your home. Ambi Pur uses
superior odour-elimination technologies to eliminate odours, rather than
covering them up. Developed by an expert team, Ambi Pur products are safe to
use as directed all around the home.
Ambi Pur’s Top Tips to take care of odours
in your home and keep your home smelling fresh
1.     After cooking and eating, refresh the air
around you by spraying a little air freshener. 
Our noses become immune to odours after around 15 minutes so just
because you can no longer smell your meal doesn’t mean it’s no longer lingering
in the air
If your child is
sleeping away from home, unfamiliar surroundings can make them pine for
home.  Spray a sleeping bag or hotel
pillow with a familiar scent to bring back pleasant memories of home
Use Ambi Pur Citrus & Morning Aerosol to
eliminate the smell of cooking or pets  –
it’s  a great way of adding scent to a
4.     Before turning on your lights put a little
air freshener onto a cold light bulb. 
Turn it on and as the bulb warms up it will gently release the fragrance
into the room
5.     Keep mildew at bay
by drying shower walls with a towel and keeping the cubicle door open to let
the air circulate
Pleasant smells can help your home feel
friendly and welcoming.  Try using air
freshener such as Ambi Pur Lavender & Comfort or Flowers & Spring in
your hallway so that guests feel invited in from the moment you open the door
Wipe Your Pet’s Feet: If you aren’t into
keeping a towel by the door to wipe off paws, try a plush mat or rug outside
your door to help catch falling debris before it ends up around the house.
Let’s all join together to get our homes from

*Products were sponsored for this post, but all reviews and opinions are my own*


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