Dear… The Safe Places

21 October 2015|

Everyone has a different safe place – it might be an emotional state or a physical space – linking up with Amber.
October Prompt: On The Safe Places
Dear MC,

You are my safe place. When I am with you, no matter where that may be physically or geographically, I feel safe. I feel protected. I feel comfortable. I feel myself. I feel like I am home.

You have been a safe place for me from the beginning. During our pre-dating virtual communication, I told you things I would never dream of telling another man. When we first met up, I felt so comfortable being in your presence and company. When we first hugged, your arms enveloped me into pure safety – the butterflies were soaring around my tummy but I knew then what I know now – yours were the only arms, the only safety I would ever feel again. With every passing month, milestone, proposal and commitment, you created more of a safe haven for me. And you continue to do so…

Our home is our physical safe place. Every inch of our humble abode expresses who we are – each room tells a story and each feature was designed, chosen and built by us. It really is our baby. And being in our home is our safe place, just the four of us. Our place of love and comfort, rest and relaxation, so many memories and stories within the walls. We can be ourselves in our safe place, protected from the negativity and chaos of the outside world. Our home is full of fun and laughter, good times and special memories. Our home has taught us many lessons with hurt and anger, tears and illness, darkness and trauma. But still our home is safe – filled with love and prayer and powered by Jesus.

Our bed is our safe place. Our sanctuary. Just yours and mine. The comfort and safety of getting into it’s warmth each evening, knowing the feelings of cuddles and body contact that await us. A space for just us – cuddles and kisses, deep conversations, intimacy and tenderness. The safety that our girls come to for extra hugs and kisses, to find us each morning and to be comforted in when sick or scared. Even the nights when your side is cold and empty, there is hope for when you return. 

Thank you for being my safe haven, now and forever.

I love you MCR
Your Bride


  1. This is so absolutely sweet! What a treasured letter to your husband. I love the way you described every single aspect of each of your safe places. Seriously beautiful!

  2. Oh girl, your safe places are so much my own. The home, what a beautiful place. The bed, MY FAVORITE. And the husband, ooph just let me be here for all the days of my life.

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